Logging into Multiple Scanwell Accounts using One Smartphone

These instructions will show you how to test when there are multiple Scanwell accounts. They show you how to logout from one account and login to another account. 

Please use these instructions if you:

  • Already have an account with the Scanwell App, or
  • Are registered for the study with more than one person.

Important: Once you set up additional accounts, please make sure you are logged into the correct account when performing the Scanwell test. Please note that you can add children to your existing account by following these instructions.

Step 1: Logout of the account by selecting the button in the upper left hand corner.

Step 2: Select Log out.

Step 3: Sign up or Log in with the desired account.

Step 4: Complete the test using the correct account.

If you have any questions about the study or logging into your account, please contact us at CV19Survey@atriumhealth.org or leave us a voicemail to return from 8am to 5pm ET Monday through Friday at 704-468-8886.

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